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Lizhong Group's 2021 Business Summary and 2022 Business Plan Work Meeting was held in BaoDing

source:Lizhong Group

release time:03/03/2022

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On February 28, the business summary meeting for 2021 and the business plan meeting for 2022 of Lizhong Group were held in Doubletree Hotel, Hilton, Baoding. More than 100 members of the Group's management committee, senior executives and senior executives from all sectors attended the meeting. Mr. Li Zhiguo, Vice President of the Group and Secretary of the Board of Directors, presided over the meeting.

The theme of this conference is "cohesion, strengthening understanding, unifying ideas, and creating the future together". At the beginning of the conference, the participants collectively watched the promotional video of Lizhong Group. Later, the leaders of Lizhong North America, Lizhong Mexico, and MQP UK reported the operation of overseas companies through video, and gave their best wishes for the smooth convening of the conference.

In the first half of the meeting, Mr. Wang Wenhong, Vice President of Lizhong Group, Mr. Zhen Yuejun and Mr. Zhang Jianliang introduced the 2021 work summary and 2022 work plan of Sitong New Materials, Lizhong Alloy Group and Lizhong Wheel Group respectively; Mr. Li Zhiguo, Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Lizhong Group, and Mr. Yang Guoyong, Chief Financial Officer of Lizhong Group, made thematic reports on the operation of listed capital and the financial management of listed companies.

In the second half of the meeting, Mr. Zang Yongxing, Chairman and President of Lizhong Group, made a work summary and plan report of the listed company, mainly introducing the work summary of the listed company in 2021 and the main tasks in 2022; Mr. Zang Lizhong, Vice Chairman of the Management Committee, and Mr. Zang Liguo respectively made special reports on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and High Quality Development and the application of scientific research projects of the Group; Finally, Mr. Zang Ligen, Chairman of the Management Committee, made a speech, in which he comprehensively reviewed the development process of Lizhong Group, publicized and implemented the corporate culture accumulated in the past 38 years, and called on everyone to strive for the development goal of "being a respected enterprise, a global enterprise, and a century old enterprise".

This meeting is the first annual working meeting held after the completion of the restructuring of Lizhong Group. The convening of the meeting has gathered consensus on development, enhanced personnel communication and business exchange between sectors, and will certainly play a role in promoting the realization of the Group's business objectives in 2022.